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Kitchens Essex

A Kitchen Designed For You

When it comes to kitchens, often referred to as the heart of the home, it’s so incredibly important that you have a space that suits you. Your kitchen needs to not only suit your taste stylistically but also in functionality too. Kitchen design isn’t an easy thing, it requires looking at every angle and every possibility for that space, ensuring it can deliver in every way imaginable.

Kitchens Produced By Matter Designs

Here at Matter Designs, we know the best way to ensure your kitchen meets your every need is to provide a bespoke, custom made kitchen that’s cut and produced to provide you with the ultimate space. While buying a kitchen ‘off the shelf’ can provide a great space for many, only a truly bespoke kitchen can really produce your perfect kitchen. With our amazing team behind us, our kitchen design services in Essex could bring your ultimate kitchen to life with modern design.

Kitchens Essex

Kitchen Installation At Its Best

When you choose our kitchen installation services in Essex, you choose a whole team of experts to bring your contemporary kitchen design to life. We have for many years, provided a fresh new twist on quality interior design and we do that by creating your dream space from your own vision.

Our contemporary kitchen design ensures that no space is left untouched. We utilise every inch of your kitchen by creating storage to fit your home, not the other way around. Each service is totally bespoke, with each kitchen being made to suit you and your lifestyle.

Designed With You In Mind

Our service begins by discussing your wants and needs. We want to know what type of cupboard door you want, what colours you love, what style you love and what image you’re trying to create. We then find out what you intend to do in your kitchen. Do you want it to merely serve you? Do you have a big family and enjoy a lot of home cooked meals? Do you want it to store everything behind a cupboard door or do you want your kitchen to display your crockery for everyone to see? Do you host often?

Excellent Custom Made Kitchens

Our job is to find out just how your kitchen will be utilised so we can ensure the kitchen we design will serve you as it should. When it comes to our custom made kitchens, we feel function is just as important as design because let’s face it, if it doesn’t serve you well, it’s essentially useless. Once you’ve exhausted your imagination when it comes to your dream kitchen, it’s then up to us to use ours.

Have The Best Kitchen Fitters In Essex At Your Disposal

With our many years experience when it comes to designing kitchens, we go back to the drawing board, literally, and create a drawing or design to show you just how we can create your dream kitchen. One of the most wonderful things about contemporary kitchens is that there are no real rules when it comes to design. That’s perhaps what makes a contemporary kitchen design so attractive – there are no limits, only the limits of your imagination.

Kitchen Masterpieces

Once our kitchen designers have created the ultimate masterpiece, it’s down to you to let us know whether there are any tweaks or changes you’d like to make. Our team will handle everything from space saving storage to appliances. You can trust that we’ll use only the very best products to complete your dream kitchen, embracing the very latest design trends and cutting edge technology to create it. Once you’re happy with our designs and the products that will be going into your kitchen, it’s then down to us to bring it to life.

Made To Measure

Our drawings and of course measurements from our initial consultation will be used to cut every piece of your kitchen to size before we come to your home. Every shape, colour and finish will be seen to before we bring it your home to fit. One of the greatest aspects of our contemporary kitchen design services, incredible style and quality aside, is the fact that our installation services pose very little disruption to you. We do our utmost to ensure the majority of the work, manufacturing your kitchen and cutting every piece to size, is done in-house by our team before we bring it you. This just leaves our local kitchen fitters to simply fit it all together to create the finished product. This ensures an efficient installation and minimal interruption in the home.

Kitchens Essex

Contact Matter Designs To Create Your Dream Kitchen

Contemporary kitchens can be as understated or as bold as you want them to be. Whether you’re looking for that ultra modern design to something more sleek and subtle, you can rest assured that we’ll maximise your space and create the perfect flow in your home. Whether it’s a family kitchen, a kitchen designed for entertaining or both, our designers will help you create the ultimate custom kitchen that will reflect your taste and complement your lifestyle. From making the most of the natural light in your home to making use of essentially empty space, we’ll take your vision and make it a functional reality.

For more information on our kitchen design services in Essex, simply contact us today at [email protected]. Allow our incredible team of kitchen designers and kitchen fitters to bring your dream kitchen to life with quality, style and affordability in mind. Let us take your ideas and transform them into something you could have only ever dreamed of.


Absolutely love our new Kitchen! Matter helped us create our dream kitchen and showed us designs we didn't know were possible. I recommend their services to everyone!

Chantal Davey

Amazing service and fast turn around. We had our designs over to us within weeks and the whole build was done in a couple of months. They worked well with our selected tradesman and their maintance plan is outstanding. 100% recommend.

Caleb Vickers

Our kitchen was small and awkward, but Matter design gave us a fabulous layout and really made the kitchen space feel very open! Can't recommend them enough!

Soraya Wiggins

The bedroom and bathroom design supplied by Matter was out of this world! Feels so open and modern, but also very cosy. Really makes use of all the space. Thank you Matter very much.

Katie Dickinson

You MATTER to us.