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Design Tips for Small Bathrooms

Unless you are going to enlarge the footprint of your bathroom with a home renovation or an extension project, you will need to make do with the space you have available.

However, all is not lost even if you have a diminutive bathroom because there are plenty of design ideas that make bathrooms – and even en-suites – look march larger than they actually are.

Some of them play with the visual appearance of the bathroom and others generate more space by rationalising the design in a more effective manner.

Read on to discover more about our expert small bathroom design tips.

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Reflective Light

If you want a light and airy feeling in your bathroom, then you will need to make as much use as possible of the natural light you have available. This may mean increasing the size of your window or adding a skylight, if possible.

Light pipes can also help when there are no exterior walls where you can easily fit glazing. Bumpy and high-gloss tiling is another good idea because it reflects light around the space which makes it seem roomier than it actually is.

Open Up the View

If you have things in your bathroom which block your line of sight, then it can make it seem poky. Even reasonably large bathrooms suffer from this problem if they have not been well designed. Opting for clear shower screens and floor-to-ceiling enclosures are both good ways of allowing your eye to see through to the far side of the room without interruption.

In addition, a cleverly positioned mirror will make the room feel roomier. Large mirrors can have a significant impact in smaller bathrooms, even making them feel as though they are twice as large as they are in reality.

Consider Your Bath

The amount of floorspace you have in a bathroom goes a long way to defining how roomy it feels. Since the bathtub is one of the largest items you will usually see in a domestic bathroom, careful consideration should be given to it before the rest of the design is decided upon.

Free-standing baths which don’t sit up against the wall look great but they take up more floor space than other options. Consider P-shaped baths if you are pushed for space or even think about having no bath at all and opting for a big walk-in shower enclosure instead.

bathrooms Essex

Avoid Clutter

If you have piles of towels or shelves with all of your toiletries on display in a smaller bathroom, then there is a lot to catch the eye. Instead, have cabinets fitted in which you can shut away all but the most frequently used items.

Just like a small kitchen, stowing away belongings in a bathroom so they are out of sight reduces visual clutter and makes even a tiny bathroom into something that is more of an oasis of calm.

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