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Creating Bright Bathrooms

When it comes to the bathroom in your home, the vast majority dream of a beautiful space filled with natural light. The reality is however, that natural light we dream of isn’t always possible. This is especially the case in older homes.

Top Tip Design Tips

The question is, how can you brighten up a dark room that may only have one small window or god forbid, no windows at all? Thankfully, our team of bathroom fitters in Essex have some incredible tips when it comes to bathroom design. These top tips should help you turn your bathroom into a space filled with light and style.

bathrooms Essex

Bathroom Design By The Best

If you’re lacking inspiration when it comes to bringing ample light into your bathroom, our team of designers have some of the best ideas on the planet. What’s more, they’ve gathered them together in this ultimate list of top tips.

Make The Most Of Natural Light

If you’re lucky enough to have a window in your bathroom, then it’s important to make the most of the natural light you’re offered. In addition to looking great, that natural light can offer you a myriad of health benefits from your eyesight to your levels of dopamine and general mood overall. Having more natural light in your bathroom will also reduce the amount of times you turn the lights on too, reducing your home’s energy consumption. One of the easiest ways to make the most of the natural light you do have is to clear the space around the window. Take a look at your windowsill. Has it been filled with bathroom products and towels? Take it away and place it somewhere else. Whether you utilise shelving above the window itself, or create more storage elsewhere, opening up the window and allowing more light through will improve the overall lightness in the bathroom hugely.

Swap Blinds And Curtains

While blinds and curtains may look fabulous in some rooms, swapping them out in your bathroom in favour of lightweight fabrics will allow more light through your bathroom window. You can also utilise materials that offer metallic accents to help boost reflectivity in a small but hugely impactful way.

Utilise Colourful Designs

Our bathroom installation team in Essex have come across a number of bathrooms that are completely windowless but with colourful designs, it’s easy enough to totally transform a space. Consider bright and friendly colours such as calamine. This can create a warm and inviting space. While whites and greys do reflect the brightness, you can still enjoy a rich, warm cobalt blue to embrace a dark area of a bathroom too. Adding in some feature lighting in a particularly dark corner can help hugely in this instance too. Mounted wall lights work so much better in smaller, darker bathrooms too and help to highlight certain areas.

Hang Mirrors

As we previously mentioned with the metallic materials, adding a reflective surface can bring a beautiful bright element into a dark room. Place mirrors next to windows or even opposite the windows themselves in order to reflect more light into the room. Doing this can enable a mirror to essentially mimic a window, creating the illusion that there are more than there actually are. Mirrors will bounce the light around your room and reflect the views too. Do remember however, that the size and shape mirror you pick will determine what gets reflected exactly. With the right angle mirror you can reflect sky, greenery and outdoor light making even the smallest of bathrooms look much larger than they actually are.

Wall And Ceiling Paint

You’d be surprised just how important wall and ceiling paint is when it comes to your bathroom. It can either absorb light or reflect it and when you’re looking to create more brightness in a room, it’s important you choose a colour that reflects the light.

By creating a very subtle transition between walls and ceilings, you can create a sense of height in a room too. While a white ceiling is beautiful, depending on your wall colour, it can sometimes create too much of a distraction.

Less Is More

One of the biggest ways to make a small space appear even smaller is to fill it with clutter. Clearing surfaces of your shampoo bottles and cosmetics will make any room, your bathroom in particular, appear much bigger so look for great ways to utilise storage such as bath panels with hidden doors and shelving on top.

Matter Designs Are The Bathroom Specialists

Here at Matter Designs, we know bathrooms. We’re one of the most highly regarded bathroom companies in Essex and for good reason. We know how to turn even the smallest, darkest bathrooms into a space of brightness, serenity and calm.

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Our team of designers will make your ultimate bathroom dreams a reality with bespoke and custom made bathrooms designed to the very highest quality. Whatever look or functionality you’re looking to achieve, we can make it happen and what’s more, we’ll do so with some of the most competitive pricing out there. If you’d like more information on our bathroom design and installation services, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Our team are here to make your bathroom renovations an easy and hassle free experience that’s guaranteed blow you away with the finished result. Contact us today via [email protected] and we’ll arrange a free consultation to create a no-obligation quote.


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