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Storage Solutions For Small Kitchens

Do you have a kitchen that’s a little on the small side? Do you struggle to find a place for everything? You aren’t alone. Many families across the country struggle with small kitchens however, just because you don’t have a larger than average kitchen doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the storage you deserve. 

Here at Matter Designs, we’ve worked on more kitchens than we care to remember and over the years, we’ve come to learn that there are some incredible storage solutions that help small kitchens in particular. To help you transform your kitchen, we’ve listed these smart storage ideas below. We hope they’ll help you create the perfect kitchen for you, regardless of its size.

Smart Storage for Your Kitchen

From fantastic internal features to amazing space saving options, here are the storage solutions you need in a small kitchen.



Chopping Boards Over Sinks

these are an amazing invention! Simple yet so effective, the space saving sink provides you with a chopping board that can slide on top of the sink, giving you more workspace when needed. It can then be slid back in it’s place when you need to use the sink. 

Slimline Applicances

It’s all too easy to wipe wine fridges and dishwashers off the list when you’re limited on space but there are some awesome slimline options that allow you that little extra luxury without taking up too much space.

Corner Cabinet Features 

Corner cupboards needn’t be deemed useless and new and innovative carousel shelving units mean you can now utilise all space within corner cabinets. From ‘magic corner units’ to ‘le mans’, there are multiple options out there that allow you to make full use of what would otherwise be dead space in each corner of your kitchen


Integrated Waste Disposal

Bins can take up a surprising amount of space. If you find yourself without an area against a wall or a much needed recess, you could end up taking up vital space. Thankfully, you can now benefit from integrated bins which means you get the disposal space you need without taking up even more of your kitchen’s already limited floor space.


Floor to ceiling larders are a great addition to a small kitchen as they tend to take up the same footprint as a regular cabinet but offer more storage thanks to height. With added shelves thanks to their floor to ceiling design, you can keep all dry goods produce in one place. Neat, tidy and extra storage up high.

Contact Matter Designs Today For More Space Saving Options

If you’d like more space saving tips for your kitchen, simply contact Matter Designs today on 01268 833 836. Our design team are one of the best in the country. They won’t just design a kitchen that looks great, they’ll design one that functions better than you ever thought possible.


Absolutely love our new Kitchen! Matter helped us create our dream kitchen and showed us designs we didn't know were possible. I recommend their services to everyone!

Chantal Davey

Amazing service and fast turn around. We had our designs over to us within weeks and the whole build was done in a couple of months. They worked well with our selected tradesman and their maintance plan is outstanding. 100% recommend.

Caleb Vickers

Our kitchen was small and awkward, but Matter design gave us a fabulous layout and really made the kitchen space feel very open! Can't recommend them enough!

Soraya Wiggins

The bedroom and bathroom design supplied by Matter was out of this world! Feels so open and modern, but also very cosy. Really makes use of all the space. Thank you Matter very much.

Katie Dickinson

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