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Why Do Minimal White Bathrooms Work So Well?

At Matter Designs, we know what it takes to pull off a contemporary bathroom look no matter what your personal preferences are – Victorian, Asian-inspired, beach-themed or eclectic. That said, our design team are often asked why minimalist bathroom designs work so well in contemporary homes. All over the country, homeowners are opting for clear, white and simple bathrooms these days.

Why is this and why do such designs work so well?

A Clean Look

Let’s face it – bathrooms look at their best when they are clean. What’s more, no bathroom colour palette will ever look as clean as pure white.

Okay, designing your bathroom so it looks like an operating theatre or the sort of high-tech laboratory where microchips are made might not be desirable for a bathroom.

Thankfully, with a simple design – for example, by using oversized wall tiles so you don’t see an expanse of fussy grout – your minimalist look will appear clean without feeling cold or, worse still, clinical.

Use Light To Create Space

Many modern homes have fairly modestly proportioned bathrooms. Unless you can remodel the whole room, deploying a white and minimal design makes sense from the point of view of space perception. After all, white tiles and flooring reflect light around which gives an airy feel.

The lightness of the colour design will consequently make a smaller room seem larger than it actually is. Bathroom cabinets can sink into the background, especially if you use minimalist handles and fixings that are barely noticeable.

This sort of design will feel even roomier if you opt for recessed multi-point ceiling lighting to make the most of the reflective surfaces.

A Timeless Appearance

All designs styles come and go. This is certainly true of bathroom design as it is in haute couture, for instance.

Nevertheless, some style always seem to be chic and this is the case with minimalism. Anyone who has a bathroom that needs to fit in with other, multiple aspects of interior design around the home, especially when they are diverse, will benefit from a plain and minimalist look in their bathroom or en-suite.

In short, this sort of design can provide a sense of unity to a home, suiting both modern apartments as much as it does nineteenth century town houses. To put it another way, a minimalist design will last a very long time indeed before you think about changing it, so you get great value for money.

minimalist white bathroom

A Zero-Clutter Look

Although you can fit in all of the main elements of a bathroom – tub, toilet and wash basin – into a minimalist design, the idea is to have them blend in seamlessly with other elements, such as storage cabinets, laundry baskets and shower enclosures.

Everything needs to be tucked away out of sight, so the clever use of space, such as deploying overhead storage, may be called for to keep the design plain and white throughout. The benefit of stowing away all of your extraneous items – shampoo, bath towels, shaving kit and so on – is that you remove visual clutter.

In turn, this makes your bathroom more of an oasis of calm, the sort of place you will enjoy some ‘me time’ without the unnecessary distractions that often come with other sorts of design schemes.

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