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bathrooms Essex

We (as humans) spend about half an hour of the day in the bathroom on average. However, that doesn’t account for those ‘longer than necessary’ loo breaks hiding from the kids, long hot baths soaking aching muscles, or Friday night maintenance evenings. 

The bathroom is more important a space than is often acknowledged – it’s an escape, a transformation space, a sanctuary! And so, the design and functionality matters. Even more so if the bathroom is compact. In a compact bathroom, clutter, mess and disarray can disrupt how the space can be used really quickly, totally killing the zen vibes (and practicality) we all hope to achieve with this commonly overlooked room. 

So, how do you keep all your stuff organised in a weenie washroom? 

Don’t worry, it’s totally possible to have a mini bathroom without having to compromise on what you keep in there. You can apply some super savvy storage hacks like those below, and your bijou bathroom will be beautifully organised before you know it: 

Utilise Or Create Under-Sink Storage

One of the biggest wastes of space in a little bathroom is a sink unit that does not allow for storage underneath. Full and semi pedestal basins, for example, are not efficient in the way they take up room that could otherwise be used for storage. Instead, opt for; washstand, countertop, wall hung, corner, semi-recessed or cloakroom basins which either have storage units underneath, or room for storage units underneath.


bathrooms Essex

Could You Add An Inbuilt Shower Nook?

An inbuilt shower nook is a small space in the wall that you have a professional handyman or plumber design, fit and waterproof, so you can use it for storage. It’s also an epic place for bathroom-suitable plants if you’re keen on biophilic design.

Fit A Towel Bar

Towel bars are very handy in a small bathroom because they avoid the need for multiple towels to be stored in a cupboard in the bathroom. Ideally, the bar will have two spaces (one for a hand towel and one for a bath towel) so you have what you need, and only what you need in that room taking up space.

Ditch The Plant Stand

Biophilic design is huge, but there’s no need to utilise floor space for it. Instead, look for extra-strong shelving and use vertical space instead. On those shelves you can then place all kinds of cute bathroom plants, as well as mini storage baskets for various washroom essentials. 

Speaking of shelves, you might also want to add some on the wall behind your loo or above your door. There’s no need for headspace there, so you can pop one, two or three shelves there, leaving room for toiletries, loo roll and other supplies.

bathrooms Essex

Declutter Your Stuff AND The Bathroom Furniture You Keep It In

One of the biggest mistakes that we can make with any bathroom – especially small bathrooms – is to have all our bathroom stuff and then buy more storage for it, and then more stuff, and then more storage for it… and you get the idea. 

Before you know it, your bathroom is full of storage baskets, drawers and boxes. But what exactly is in all of those bits of storage? Empty shampoo containers? That skin stuff you bought on offer, that made you breakout and you never used it again? Several blunt razors? All of the toiletries you got for Christmas over the last five years (bubble bath supplies for years, right?).

If you can relate then it’s time to Marie Kondo your space and get with the minimalism programme. Declutter all the empties, the broken things, the things you’ll never use, the extras someone else could benefit from and then see how much of that storage furniture you really need. 

We bet you could ditch a few baskets and drawer sets to make some space. Now, you can be specific about the storage you do keep in your little bathroom, maintaining functionality and preserving precious square footage at the same time.

Mount Some Baskets

Mounted baskets are useful all over the bathroom for toothbrushes, shampoo, cleansers and other things you need quick access to. They often come in cute colours too, so you can add a splash of interest to your small bathroom storage aesthetic with ease. 

Hooks are of a similar level of usefulness too, especially if items like towels or robes seem to never have a proper ‘home’ in your tiny bathroom.

Surround yourself with beauty because your house should rise up and meet you every day.


Your gorgeous small bathroom can be organised, pristine and beautiful. It might be a little space, but it can have big functionality with just a few minor adjustments like those above.


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