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Bespoke Kitchen Design For The Heart Of The Home

Over the last ten years approximately, bespoke kitchen design has grown in popularity, at a rapid rate too.

Certainly within the Essex area, homeowners throughout the county are becoming more and more aware of not only the style benefits of a bespoke kitchen design, but the functionality benefits too.

The Benefits Of Bespoke Kitchen Design

While many assume bespoke kitchen design in Essex would be hugely out of their price range, they’re actually pleasantly surprised to learn that it’s now more affordable than ever.The benefits of custom kitchen design by local kitchen fitters such as ourselves are more than most realise. So much so that we’ve had to list below the numerous reasons below.

Easy & Efficient Kitchen Installation

Ordering a bespoke kitchen means the hard work is done at the beginning. All of the measuring and the manufacturing has been completed to the highest quality possible. That means when it comes to installation, all that’s left is an easy and efficient installation with each piece sliding into place like perfection. Each one of our kitchens are fitted by our highly skilled technicians. They’ll handle every stage of the installation, with the care and attention it deserves.

They’ll ensure each piece of the kitchen is put into place securely and as it should be to ensure your kitchen looks even more amazing than you expected. With each piece cut to order to, you’ll no doubt find your installation much quicker than a regular kitchen as there’s no need to make extra cuts to ensure a secure fit. From the plumbing to the sink, laying the floor to placing in the last cupboard, with Matter Designs it’s handled with the care and respect your kitchen deserves. Minimal fuss and maximum impact.

Full Use Of Space 

When it comes to creating your kitchen, our team of kitchen fitters in Essex are the perfect people to speak to. Not only are they experienced in kitchen installation, but they’re incredibly experienced when it comes to kitchen design and making use of every inch of space possible. When it comes to any home, you can never have enough storage and with Matter Designs, you can count on our team of designers creating a custom kitchen that makes full use of the space they have to work with giving you far more kitchen than you would have had, had you have chosen an ‘off the shelf’ kitchen from any of the usual chain stores.

Compatible Designs To Your Lifestyle 

A kitchen has to not only look great but it has to be functional too. Designing your kitchen from scratch creates the perfect opportunity to create a space that’s perfect for your particular lifestyle. Unlike buying an ‘off the shelf’ kitchen, you’ll have the chance to utilise every opportunity for functional features and say goodbye to redundant, wasted spaces. Here at Matter Designs, our kitchen installation team in Essex will ensure your kitchen works with your family. It will cater to every need and desire to ensure it’s a kitchen fit for you, not any family, but yours specifically. Whether you want extra added storage specifically for the dog’s biscuits, we can create quite literally anything you have in mind. Your bespoke kitchen will look to optimise your life and offer maximum value.

Greater Quality Kitchens

A custom made kitchen will require your kitchen being measured, every inch accounted for. This comprehensive service will ensure your kitchen is made to the exact measurements and style you want.

This ensures the best possible fit with a ‘measure twice, cut once’ mantra as opposed to picking pre-measured cupboards from a limited selection at your local kitchen shop. By picking a high quality kitchen fitter such as ourselves, you can ensure a much higher quality kitchen that’s made to measure for your specific kitchen. The structural integrity of your kitchen will be second to none with each element, crafted to perfection..

Endless Possibilities For Design

When you choose a bespoke kitchen, the layout, the look and the functionality of the kitchen is solely up to you. There’s no more wandering around and picking a specific kitchen design that you think will best suit your home and style choice. Instead you get to decide on every specific feature, from a bespoke colour to materials, textures and even design of the interior fixtures. A bespoke designed kitchen will be created in order to bring your vision to life. Whatever you want, our kitchen designers will create it for you.

Value For Money

With every single piece being made to measure, you can rest assured you’re getting the very highest quality kitchen there is. Your kitchen will be tailor made to your specific home, with your specific requirements in mind, which means you get the most value possible. While a bespoke kitchen may be more expensive than buying one from a commercial retail outlet, you will of course find you get what you pay for and that’s the highest quality and the highest standards in kitchen craftsmanship guaranteed to last you for years to come.

Contact Matter Designs For More Information

If you’d like more information on our bespoke kitchen design and installation services, simply contact us today via [email protected]. One of our team will be in touch to discuss the custom fit kitchen of your dreams and how we can bring it to life.


Absolutely love our new Kitchen! Matter helped us create our dream kitchen and showed us designs we didn't know were possible. I recommend their services to everyone!

Chantal Davey

Amazing service and fast turn around. We had our designs over to us within weeks and the whole build was done in a couple of months. They worked well with our selected tradesman and their maintance plan is outstanding. 100% recommend.

Caleb Vickers

Our kitchen was small and awkward, but Matter design gave us a fabulous layout and really made the kitchen space feel very open! Can't recommend them enough!

Soraya Wiggins

The bedroom and bathroom design supplied by Matter was out of this world! Feels so open and modern, but also very cosy. Really makes use of all the space. Thank you Matter very much.

Katie Dickinson

You MATTER to us.