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Kitchen designs are not as simple as you think

Getting a new kitchen is not as straightforward as simply ripping the old one out and starting again with a blank canvas. Although you might like to go about it this way – especially if you are frustrated with your current layout – it is much, much better to work to a plan. In short, this means getting a new kitchen design before you begin.

All too often, Essex kitchens are poorly designed or not designed at all which means that they end up as a higgledy-piggledy mess.

If you want to avoid such problems in your kitchen, then what are the major considerations to weigh up at the design stage?

1. Do You Remodel or Not?

Remodelling your kitchen is a big decision. Although you may just want to replace the units and appliances in your current one, reshaping the entire room and, perhaps, taking a bit of extra space from an adjoining room can make all the difference.

These days, many Essex kitchens are remodelled to include a dining area or a breakfast bar to turn the room into more of a social space.

If you think yours would benefit from additional space, then consider the extra options that a full remodelling project would afford you.

2. What Are Your Future Needs, Not Just Your Current Ones?

A contemporary kitchen design is something that should make improvements to your current layout and design.

However, if you don’t think ahead to your future needs, then the entire project may not be worth it.

Changing your design a few years down the line hardly makes any sense if you can plan for future potential requirements right now.

How might your needs change if you have a pet or a child down the line, for instance?

Also, ask yourself if your mobility needs may change in the future which means certain helpful aspects can be designed into the kitchen right at an earlier stage.

3. Is It Possible To Reorganise Your Layout?

Some kitchens already have the optimal layout. Unless you are replacing a kitchen design that is several decades old, then the chances are that it has a good working layout that suits the dimensions of the room.

That said, most layout designs can be improved when a professional gets involved. In Essex, many of our clients have benefited from our home design team’s expertise even if they think they have exactly the right idea for their layout already.

This is because we have faced most types of kitchens before and can bring our experience to bear to tweak layout designs to achieve the right balance between floor space or storage capability, depending on your preferences.

4. Can You Move Your Appliances?

Although plenty of kitchens in Essex are quite comfortably able to hold laundry equipment, like tumble dryers and washing machines, it is usually best to move them to a utility room if possible.

Not only does it free up more space in your kitchen for additional cupboards but doing so means that you won’t have to put up with the noise they make when in use. Consequently, you will be able to enjoy your kitchen more when you are in it.

5. Would A Kitchen/Diner Suit Your Lifestyle?

They are very popular in Essex and across much of the country but kitchen/diners do not suit everyone. Just because they are trendy, you should not feel pressured into turning your kitchen into one where you can also sit down and entertain guests.

If you are the sort of person who prefers a dedicated dining room to eat in with family and friends, then keep it that way. You can always look at other options, like dividers and serving hatches to connect the spaces.

That said, there is nothing wrong with kitchen/diners, so if you want one, then you should go for it. The point is to make an informed decision about what you really want.


6. Electrical Design Considerations

Contemporary kitchens have more electrical gadgets and devices in them than ever before. Therefore, a key thing to consider before fitting new kitchen units is whether you need to rewire.

Modern kitchens all over Essex are let down by insufficient power outlets. In addition, think about the number of USB charging ports you might need as well as things like Ethernet outlets and audio-visual wiring.

7. Lighting Design Ideas

While you are weighing up the merits, or otherwise, of running new electrics throughout your kitchen before it is refitted, it is a good idea to also ponder what sort of lighting you might want.

These days, LED spotlights are very popular but they are by no means the only option.

A set of low, ceiling-hanging, industrial-style metal light fittings are on-trend, too, affording your kitchen design a cool, bistro-like feel. As well as overhead lighting products, make sure you have a good idea of any under-cabinet lights you might want since these need to coordinate with one another seamlessly.


8. Environmental Considerations

Most people in Essex understand that their choices for their new kitchen ought to be sustainably sourced. This means, where wood is used, for example, choosing FSC-sourced timber.

You can avoid tropical hardwoods by turning to farmed oak or even bamboo, an excellent alternative with a great feel underfoot when it is used for flooring, for example.

Look for low-energy lighting products and use copper piping in your design that has come from recycled sources.

9. What Colour Scheme Will Suit You Best?

Once you have the basic plan sorted, it is time to start with the fun aspects of kitchen redesigns.

To many people, this means opting for a colour scheme that will allow the personality of the kitchen to come to life. This is not always as easy as it might sound, however, and choosing from a muted palette may suit even those people who think they are up for a very vibrant design in the final analysis.

If you are unsure, then select a design that can be altered down the line, such as white kitchen units that you can paint over at a later date, if wanted.

10. Finishing Touches

Always give sufficient attention to the finishing touches that will make your kitchen stand out from your neighbours. It is things like cabinet door handles and tap heads that you spend more time interfacing with than virtually anything else in your kitchen.

Choose ones that look good, yes, but that also feel good when you put your hand on them. Ones that are easy to wipe down and maintain are also useful things to consider in your design work, as well!


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